Ann Arbor STEAM

A2 STEAM, was originally constructed in 1939 as Northside Elementary School. In 2009, a major renovation and addition took place to incorporate a K-8 education. The original two-story masonry structure with exterior brick and stone veneer and steel and metal panels is situated on 17 acres in the northwest sector of Ann Arbor. The original structure has experienced at least 5 additions over the years, and currently supports Kindergarten – Grade 8.


  • Building Size82,369 sq ft
  • Land Area17 acres


All Active Complete Upcoming
  • A/C and Lighting Upgrades


    Addition of air conditioning and replacement of existing lights with LED light fixtures. Classrooms to have a dimmable lighting system and new ceiling tiles.

  • Solar Array Installation


    New solar array installed on the roof.


  • Roofing Updates


    Construction/repairs of school roof.

  • HVAC Building Management System Upgrades


    Updated the school’s Building Management System (BMS) to the latest version including a new graphical interface and mobile, cloud-based access. The upgrades allow for better systems control, improved occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Water Bottle Filling Stations


    Installation of filtered water bottle filling stations throughout the school.

  • Security Updates


    Update to security system on property.

  • Playground Shaded Trees


    Planted 17 native hardwood trees for shading of playgrounds and other outdoor environments.

  • New Playground Equipment


    New playground equipment was installed. New items include a sensory wave arch, sky runner, honey comb structure, climbing net and arch swings.

  • New A/C Installed


    Air conditioning was installed in 11 classrooms and in the STEAM lab.

  • Parking Lot Repairs


    Repair of pavement and parking lot on school grounds.

  • New Musical Instruments


    Purchase of new musical instruments and pianos for music classrooms and auditoriums.

  • New Classroom Furniture


    New, flexible, classroom furniture was added to create a more accessible, engaging and student-centered environment.

  • Major Renovation & Addition


    Significant renovations were made to the school, including a new addition.

  • Intermediate Summer Project

    Summer 2027
  • Major Project

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