Quality Control Program

Quality Control Program

Ann Arbor Public Schools values the significant investment local taxpayers have committed to AAPS school buildings and campuses with the passage of the 2019 Bond. To help ensure bond funds result in high quality design and construction, AAPS has implemented a robust quality assurance and control program.

All AAPS projects are planned and designed by licensed professionals to comply with applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations. These include local fire safety requirements, site and utility requirements, state building codes, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements, and other applicable codes and standards. Additionally, AAPS and its professional consultants utilize technologies and tools to perform appropriate testing and feasibility analysis available to the project team in design and planning in order to ensure that necessary due diligence is accomplished in advance of project development and implementation. 

Once a project has been designed and documents prepared, AAPS publicly bids and awards construction projects in accordance with all state school procurement guidelines.  All bids are reviewed to ensure compliance with stipulated rules, requirements, the AAPS Responsible Contracting policy, and project drawings and specifications.  Post-bid interviews are conducted as needed, and follow up requests completed before a recommendation is presented to the AAPS Board of Education for review and approval.

Once contracts are awarded, the district’s bond program manager, project architects and engineers, and construction managers employ a number of construction related quality assurance procedures including:

      • Construction materials testing including, but not limited to: soils, concrete, asphalt paving, mortar, steel, roofing, insulation, and others.
      • Regular site inspections are conducted by the bond program manager and AAPS staff.  Inspections are recorded using BIM 360 and deficiencies and other issues are immediately conveyed electronically to construction managers for correction.
      • In-wall inspections are completed prior to closing up of wall, ceilings and other areas where work was conducted that will be covered with finish materials.
      • For new construction and major renovation, AAPS utilizes the services of third party independent Commissioning Agents to ensure proper installation and operation of building systems, including, but not limited to: heating ventilating and air-conditioning systems, electrical low voltage systems, plumbing systems, and building insulation and envelope systems.
      • At the end of projects, punch list inspections are completed and tracked by the program manager, architects, engineers, and construction managers to ensure all outstanding items are addressed.
      • After project completion, as-built drawings and/or BIM models, product manuals, operations manuals, and warranty information are provided to the District for record keeping and future maintenance and operation.