3.4 Million sq. ft

The first buildings in our district were built in 1922, and the most recent in 2008. With an average age of 64 years, it’s time to bring our districts’ infrastructure into the 21st century.

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32 Schools

Learning environment directly impacts student achievement and wellbeing. The updates will empower us to be better stewards of our students, and the trust of our community.

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723 Acres

Ann Arbor Public Schools serves over 18,000 students, in an area spanning 125 square miles. The bond will allow us to engage with communities in new and impactful ways.

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A generational investment in the legacy of our community, from our kids, to our kids’ kids, and beyond.

On November 5th, 2019, voters in the Ann Arbor Public School District approved a bond proposal to upgrade school facilities and sites, enhance existing building security, and provide upgrade and sustainable learning environments throughout Ann Arbor Public Schools.

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