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The Bond Program at Work

The Ann Arbor Public Schools’ (AAPS) Capital Program will be working at various AAPS school buildings and campuses, making strategic capital investments to address critical needs, stabilize existing infrastructure, and/or improve learning environments for students and staff. Often, these improvements require preparation in advance of construction activities in order to ensure the safety of staff and contractors, the protection of school property, and an organized and coordinated process for back to school/classroom transitions. The Capital Program is planning a project in your school building.

Prior to the start of construction activities, all classroom items will need to be properly secured and protected from the construction areas by relocation or in an area designated by the construction manager. This process requires packing and labeling from building staff and the assistance of professional movers. Once construction is substantially complete and the areas are safe, classroom items will be returned to the classroom for use by professional movers. Building staff will unpack at this time.

In order to facilitate this packing process, orange crates, labels and security zip ties are provided to the school building. Further instructions on how to use these orange crates, labels are included below. For more information about the specific project details planned for your school building, please visit the AAPS Bond website. Blue crates will still be provided by ITD, specifically for their annual inventory. Please watch for a separate communication from ITD in May.


What to Expect During Summer Construction

When construction is scheduled that requires packing in your school building, staff is responsible to pack up all classroom materials into crates, including all wall posters/decorations. Per the Memorandum dated June 6, 2023, teachers and certain staff may be compensated up to 10 hours total (inclusive of both packing and unpacking). It should be noted that all personal items should be taken home (removed from the school building) as they will not be stored during construction. The District will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal items during the construction process. Dumpsters will be provided for staff to use during the packing process to recycle and discard items as needed.

Professional movers will take the crates/District furniture from rooms and place them in a protected area inside the building and/or other approved locations for the Summer months (ex: storage trailer). Upon construction completion, movers will return the crates/District furniture to rooms labeled to be unpacked.


Schedule: Exact dates will be communicated to staff in advance of construction activities

Packing up
8 weeks prior to start of construction or end of school year Start organizing and begin purging items no longer needed
6 weeks prior to start of construction or end of school year Crate delivery begins, Teachers may begin packing non-essentials
Prior to last day of school Teachers/Staff should take home any personal belongings*

Take pictures of the items in the room and on the walls.

Two days after last day of school Crate packing is completed, Professional Movers begin transport
1 week after occupancy Movers return crates/furniture, Teachers may begin unpacking
First week of school All crates must be unpacked; crates returned to movers**

*Personal belongings includes any non District issued furniture.

**Please note: Crates are rented and teachers/staff may NOT keep any crates to store classroom items.



  • Every individual crate, speed pack, piece of furniture and all other items must have a label.
  • Place label on side (not top) of crate.
  • Label the current room the items are located in.
  • Draw an arrow or write “to” identifying the delivery room/location as well.
  • If known, label where the items will be delivered (new room number or same).
  • Please write teacher names on labels to assist if room assignments change.
  • Please only use the labels provided (NO masking tape or any other type of label).

Packing Instructions: Approximate crate dimensions are 24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75”

All items must be packed up in crates, including wall posters, etc. All other items that do not fit in a crate or a speed pack must have a label.

  1. The following District furniture should be emptied, contents packed and the piece itself labeled.
    1. Desks
    2. Credenzas
    3. Supply cabinets or metal shelf units
    4. Bookcases
    5. File cabinets
    6. Non District furniture is the responsibility of the teacher/staff and should be removed from the building by the individual prior to the last day of school.
      1. AAPS is not responsible for damages of personal items incurred by movers or contractors including but not limited to pressboard furniture, ex: IKEA or Sauder
  2. Electronics from ITD – ITD instructions will come out closer to the end of the school year
    1. All District issued electronic equipment should be packed in a blue crate.
      1. Work issued computers
      2. Document camera (ladibug) including related power, USB cables, remote, etc.
      3. HDMI cables & display adapters
      4. Projector remotes
      5. Microphones
      6. Other hardware purchased by the school district
    2. Blue electronic crates will be stored in a secure location by ITD.
  3. Phones will remain in the classroom and plugged in.
  4. File cabinets should be locked, but make sure keys are available on return.
  5. Crates should be filled completely to prevent them from crushing when being stacked.
  6. Temperature sensitive items that are stored in crates will have special stickers.
    1. These items get handled differently by movers or they are stored in a different location.
    2. If the item is temperature sensitive, please specify on the label in bold lettering.
  7. Crates are tracked at each building and cannot be moved between AAPS buildings.
  8. Declare items of Value – Any District owned items valued at greater than $50 should be declared. The crates with these items need to be identified. These items will not leave the school. A secured location within the building will be used for any of these items.
    1. If you have items that have not been tagged by ITD, for example: a digital camera purchased by a PTA, please use the following link to add the items of value to the Asset Tracking Form.
  9. All personal items must be taken home by each individual.

Unpacking Instructions:

  1. Unpacking should be complete within 2 weeks of the first day of student arrival and place empty crates in the common area designated by Building Administration.
  2. Do NOT use crates for any other storage after the move. Crates are rented and must be returned.
  3. Report any missing or damaged items immediately to Building Administration. All items will need to be identified within 2 weeks of the first day of the start of school for consideration.
  4. Bring back any personal items, if needed, once the crates have been unpacked and removed.

Packing Memo last updated 05/06/2024