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Bond Advisory Group Announced

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is pleased to announce the inaugural members of the AAPS Bond Advisory Group. These members, selected from applicants by the Bond Committee Trustees, Board of Education (BOE), include leaders in the Ann Arbor community who are invested in and committed to realizing the short and long-term objectives of the AAPS Bond Program in support of the mission of the school district. 

The Bond Advisory Group members are:

Glenn L. Nelson, Chair  

Parent and retired community member, former AAPS Board of Education Trustee

Carlene Colvin-Garcia 

Parent, owner of Clean Mobility Consultancy, LLC

Andrew W. Smith 

Parent, Project Manager at University of Michigan, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Department

Missy Stults 

Parent, City of Ann Arbor Sustainability and Innovations Director

“We are inspired by the dedication of these knowledgeable and experienced community members to support the generational work of the Bond / Capital Program through their service to the Ann Arbor Public Schools and community. The Board of Education Bond Committee Trustees look forward to our partnership with the Bond Advisory group to strengthen this important work moving forward,” shares AAPS Board President Lazarus. 

AAPS Bond Advisory Group Purpose:

The purpose of the AAPS Bond Advisory Group is to engage community members and organizations in a collaborative process to help inform and make recommendations to the AAPS BOE Bond Committee and the Bond’s professional team. These recommendations will reflect the values and direction of the AAPS core mission to deliver a high-quality educational experience for all students. The Bond Advisory Group will assist in communicating bond updates to the community and enhance partnerships in support of bond work.

The Bond Advisory Group members have demonstrated a deep investment in the Ann Arbor community. Members are committed to serving as learners, becoming fully educated on the overall AAPS Bond Program, offering and exploring relevant questions while interacting with the Bond’s professional team and BOE Bond Committee. In their work on the Bond Advisory Group, members will serve as a resource to inform and strengthen the direction and path to fully meet the district’s promises and overarching goals of the AAPS Bond Program.

The Bond Advisory Group members will serve as key communicators of the AAPS Bond Program in the community, sharing their knowledge within their spheres of influence. 

The Bond Advisory Group embodies broad perspectives, values the work of the AAPS and is committed to the betterment of the community through the enduring success of the AAPS Bond Program. They reflect the values and the direction of the Ann Arbor Public Schools’ critical mission to deliver a high-quality educational experience to all students. 

The Board of Education, representatives of the BOE Bond Committee, as well as AAPS leadership team members will regularly engage with the Bond Advisory Group in roundtable discussions and are committed to learning together through the bond process.